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Logistics Services

We contribute to facilitating import and export operations, and we provide all technical and legal advice from LUTFI OBEID AND HIS PARTNER logistics experts

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Shipping Services

We help our customers with all shipping services, including air freight, sea freight, land freight, and auto shipping services

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Customs Clearance

We clear customs transactions for our customers, including all documents, papers and all procedures with the accuracy and speed required to reach the goal


We take advantage of this opportunity and it is our great pleasure to introduce ourselves that we have developed the company and expanded its experience in sea and land freight, which is managed by a group of experts who have high professional experience

As an independent shipping company, it was built from a comprehensive global network with exclusive agents in major cities of the world. We have effective partnerships with companies that provide customers with high levels of service and expertise to meet their logistical needs. Reliability and flexibility are our hallmarks, offering you tailored solutions to today's complex logistical challenges.

  • Shipping services
  • Logistics services
  • Customs clearance

We are the highest rated in transportation logistics services

We thank our customers for their good opinion and precious confidence in our services We affirm that we will continue striving to reach the highest levels of service in terms of development, progress and achievement of time

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Our services

We provide all types of transportation, customs clearance and logistics services

Experience and knowledge you can trust to obtain customs clearance services around the world

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Air Freight

As air freight is characterized by its speed and rapid response to the requirements of emergency transport such as the transport of perishable goods

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Land Freight

It is a type of shipping common in the countries of the world through which goods are transported from place to place by trucks

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Sea Freight

It is the most important means of transportation in the world, as international shipping is concentrated in the world and is carried out by ships and vessels of various sizes